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Off-Road Romania

Off-Road Romania von Calin Nucuta
The two wheel traveler's guide

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 129 S.; 21 x 16,5 cm, Spiralbuch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Verlag: Klausenburg, Nucuta
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9789730267983

Romania holds many fairytale places, ancient traditions and legends, much more beautiful or frightening than that Dracula character. Many of them are beyond the urban environment and are not accessible by modern roads. We believe that a real journey begins after the end of the asphalt – so, we propose a tour of the Carpathian Mountains, 3000 kilometers / 1800 miles long, on unpaved roads.


Route of 3000 kilometres / 1800 miles

More than half of them are stone or ground roads, going through mountain passes, villages stuck in time, crossing rivers, cloughs and deep gorges. The paved roads only make the connection to the next wild area and provide the possibility to restore supplies. The route is divided into 13 chapters, each with one or two maps, a description and photos. The difficult sections are highlighted, along with places worth visiting and suggestions for overnight accommodation.

Touristic Attractions

Nature is uncovered on the wandering routes through the mountains, from the Danube Cauldrons to the Poiana Rusca Mountains, from the Gorge of Bicaz to the Mountains of Nemira and from the Clough of the river Olt (unpaved road) to Strategica Roadway of Latori?ei Mountains (over 2000 meters / 6500 feet high). Famous touristic attractions are not overlooked, such as the fortresses of Sighi?oara, Rupea, Bran; the Monasteries of Moldavia, the wooden churches of Maramure? or the fortified churches of Transylvania.

GPS tracks and Mobile App

All the routes and information presented in the guide are available in digital format. The unique code found in the guide provides access to the GPS tracks and a Mobile Application with navigation features.

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