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Palincashire Tales of Transylvania

Palincashire Tales of Transylvania von Mike Ormsby

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 252 S.; Softcover/Paperback
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Verlag: Nicoaro Books
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9786069390283

Italy has Tuscany, France the Loire, and Romania has Palincashire in beautiful Transylvania.
Little known until now, Palincashire is located south of fact and east of fiction. In Palincashire, all your guidebooks come true, and if you believe that you'll believe anything.
Following his critically acclaimed 2008 debut, 'Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania', Mike Ormsby returns with his inimitable wit and sense of wonder to put Palincashire on the literary map. Join him in his adopted home!

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