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"The Pensive" and "The Sitting Lady" (Figures from clay)

"The Pensive" and "The Sitting Lady" (Figures from clay) von George Avanu
"Ganditorul" si "Femeie sezand" (Grup Statuar)

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Kategorie: Antiquitäten
Seiten / Format: Box
Erscheinungsjahr: o.a.
Verlag: Age art
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 2208673721224

These two statues made of burned clay, that belong to Hamagia Culture, are the most fanous prehistoric items found over the teritory of Romania, becoming a real symbol for our Country. Coming from the Vth-IVth millenium b. Ch., from Neolitic age, dicovered in 1957 at Cernavoda (Constanta). "The Pensive" and "The Sitting Lady" were found in a neolitical cemetery, part of an archeological site.

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