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archibald's dance

archibald's dance from Decebal Badila

Price per copy:
Lei 45 / € 15,00
incl. VAT: 20% (Lei) / 19% (EUR)
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Category: Audio-CD
Pages / Format: CD; CD
Edit year: 2001
Publishing House: Hermannstadt, Portomusic
Language: Rumänisch
ISBN: 375751

Decebal Badila, Romanian bassist, born 1968 in Constanta.

Genre: Jazz

A1 Ugamba Ye
A2 Archibald's Dance
A3 Prelude Of The Black Sea
A4 Caravan
A5 George's Pub
A6 Colours Of Heat
A7 Dog's Point Of View
A8 ....By Starlight ?
B1 Boabab's Vision
B2 Transylvanian Song
B3 Black Sea - Interlude 1
B4 The Spanish Roots Of Archibald Jones
B5 Maestro Bagabont
B6 Call It Jazz
B7 Black Sea - Interlude 2
B8 There Is No Greater Love

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