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Erdelyi varosok - Nagyszeben

Erdelyi varosok - Nagyszeben von Geza Kovacs

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 110 S.; Softcover/Paperback
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Verlag: Kovacs
Sprache: Ungarisch
ISBN: 9789730268270

A detailed City guide of Sibiu, one of the most beautiful cities of Transylvania, Romania - the land associated whit the character of Count Dracula from the novel of Bram Stoker - with splendidly preserved medieval architecture, worldwide known museums, elegant department stores and small exclusive shops. Besides a well-structured set of pieces of information on accommodation, eating, how to travel there, local transportation, Top 10 Sibiu highlights, short descriptions of the most attractive renowned cultural festivals, the reader will find a unique brief summary of the 800 years history of the Transylvanian Saxons. For those passionate about historical architecture the guide presents the waste and extraordinarily well preserved medieval monuments of Sibiu such as the Evangelical Church, the renowned Brukenthal Museum, The Chapel of Holly Crucifix, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Small and Large Square, the defense walls and towers, The "ASTRA" Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization the biggest of this kind in Europe, with tailor-made recommendations for short and all day programs. Tourist attractions near Sibiu such as the Fortified Church of Cisnadioara, the Cistercian Abbey of Carta, or the highest mountain resort in Romania the Paltinis are included as well. The guide has 112 pages and little short of 200 high-resolution pictures, very well structured bookmarks, and fast search capabilities. A must for travelers wishing to visit Romania, Transylvania, and Sibiu. Thanks to its modern completely new international airport, a new motorway which connects it to Europe through Hungary and Vienna, Sibiu once the capital of Transylvania is an open gate for the ones who wish either a short city breaks or are planning to discover the medieval Transylvania trough rural escapes. The lifestyles of the Romanian farmers, the several vegetable markets full of local agricultural products are something specials to see.

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