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Le Roumain: Book Only

Le Roumain: Book Only von Vincent Ilutiu

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 636 Seiten; paperback
Erscheinungsjahr: 08.2017
Verlag: Assimil
Sprache: Französisch
ISBN: 9782700507881
Auflage / Bände: Auflage: Assimil

Romanian belongs to the group of Romance languages – making it easier to learn for other Romance language speakers – and is spoken by approx. 30 million people worldwide. Today, nearly 4,000 French firms are operating in Romania, hence the point of learning this language for a growing number of expatriates.

100 lessons to make progress and master everyday oral expression.

Lively, useful dialogue
Carefully-constructed progression
Systematic revision

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