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Learn romanian - Manual and exercise book set (2 volumes)

Learn romanian - Manual and exercise book set (2 volumes) from Mona Moldoveanu Pologea
manual + exercise book

Price per copy:
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Category: Bücher
Pages / Format: 812 S.; Softcover/Paperback
Edit year: 2014
Publishing House: Rolang
Language: Rumänisch
ISBN: 9786069373705

The ROLANG manual, Learn Romanian, now in the 3rd edition, is intended for foreigners of all language levels, from the complete beginner to advanced-level learner.

The work is divided into 2 books (manual and exercise book), with a total number of 812 pages, and has a code on it to download audio files that can be used in various kinds of devices: laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This 3rd edition of the book is based on the author's 12 years of experience teaching Romanian to foreigners and it functions as a usage guide, a conversation manual and a guide to structure and grammar.

The manual is dedicated to foreigners willing to gain professional knowledge and skills in the Romanian language (e.g. students, diplomatic staff, business people, employees etc.), Romanian teachers looking for teaching high quality lessons and anyone else interested in learning Romanian. The book is cited in academic bibliographies and represents a comprehensive guide to common vocabulary problems and to most of the grammar difficulties associated with Romanian. Learn Romanian (vol. I): Manual (408 pages)

The manual is divided into chapters that correspond to the language levels described in the European Language Passport (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1)and it is fully translated into English, in order to facilitate independent learning for English speakers.
The books will provide you with an introduction to the Romanian language, enabling the students to gain an awareness and understanding of key features of this language. The "Learn Romanian" manual develops skills such as writing, speaking, listening and understanding. The students will learn using a mix of audio files, dialogues, common phrases, grammar, speech acts and extended vocabulary sections. Learn Romanian (vol. II): Exercise book (404 pages)

The exercise book contains applications for both verbal and written communication, vocabulary and grammar applications and offers an in-depth presentation of each topic. The notebook has a various range of exercises (500 exercises and the answer key), starting with 'filling in' type and arriving to translation exercises.

Learn Romanian: USB flash drive (196 mp3 files)

These books are also accompanied by a USB flash drive which contains the pronunciation of the lessons and it can be used in various kinds of devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones.