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Romanian Verbs

Romanian Verbs von Mona Moldoveanu Pologea
2250 Essential Romanian Verbs - Complete Conjugations in All Tenses

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 383 S.; Broschiert
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Verlag: Rolang School
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9786069373767

Welcome to "Romanian Verbs", the comprehensive study guide for mastering the intricacies of Romanian verbs! This book is designed for intermediate to advanced learners of Romanian who want to improve their understanding of Romanian verb conjugation and usage.

Languages: Romanian & English

„Romanian verbs" is intended for foreigners interested in the Romanian language and in deepening their understanding of Romanian verbs. The book meets an existing need by synthesizing the entire verbal system of Romanian.

The book is divided into three important parts: the presentation of the Romanian language verbal system in terms of morphological, syntactic, and normative aspects; verb tables and verbal expressions; an alphabetical list of verbs.


"Romanian Verbs" provides a thorough understanding of Romanian verb conjugation and usage. The book covers a wide range of verbs, from the most common to the less frequently used, and includes extensive conjugation tables and examples of use. The book also includes a comprehensive guide to verb tense and mood, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to improve their mastery of Romanian verbs.

A description of each grammatical mood and tense, normative aspects related to the spelling of certain verbs, and phonetic alternations that occur in conjugations together with other important syntactic features, such as subject-verb order and direct object-verb order are explained in the first part of the book.

Following the presentation of morphological, syntactic, and normative aspects of the Romanian verbal system, the reader will find tables with conjugated verbs. Each table is a specific model for others that have the same conjugation pattern, taking into account a specific phonetic alternation.

To find out how to conjugate a verb, the reader should search for it in the "Alphabetical Index of Verbs". The number found there refers to the page number where the verb or the verb pattern is conjugated.

The book includes over 2250 commonly used verbs, conjugated with similar patterns, chosen according to their frequency in the spoken language, 200 verbal expressions, and an alphabetical list of verbs. The language of this book is American English.

Dr. Mona Moldoveanu Pologea is a writer of Romanian language teaching and reference materials. She holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Linguistics from the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, and has more than 18 years of experience in teaching Romanian to foreigners. She is the founder and managing director of ROLANG School, the only school in Romania that specializes in teaching the Romanian language to foreigners. She has authored the book "Ghid de exprimare corecta în presa," and has published many articles on linguistics and the communicative approach to language teaching in scientific and cultural journals. Her interests include language teaching practice, language acquisition, pedagogical grammar, and general and contrastive linguistics.

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What do people say about the book?

With "Romanian verbs", Dr. Moldoveanu Pologea brings to the teaching table the most comprehensive Romanian-English book of Romanian verb morphology (and related topics) presently on the market, one that will doubtless benefit students and teachers enormously.

This teaching and reference manual provides comprehensive coverage of all synchronic aspects of the verbal system of Romanian. What struck me immediately about this work is the precision and clarity with which very complex material is rendered accessible to students. The range of topics covered is equally impressive. In addition to traditional grammatical topics – tenses, moods, voice, participles, gerunds, etc. –

Dr. Moldoveanu Pologea covers material far beyond what is typically addressed in pedagogical manuals, for example, stative and copular verbs, variant word orders, object pronouns, and agreement issues in many contexts – all with equal precision and clarity. She also provides a separate section on verbal homonyms and homographs, and lays out admirably the notoriously difficult morpho-phonetic alternations common with Romanian verbs.

I regard this work as an essential teaching and reference manual for students and teachers of Romanian who are interested in a thorough and accessible elucidation of Romanian verbs.

Brian Imhoff, Ph.D. Linguist, Texas A&M University, USA

Whether you are a student of Romanian, a professional who needs to use Romanian in your work, or simply someone passionate about the language, "Romanian Verbs" is the perfect resource for advancing your verb skills. Order your copy today and start your journey towards mastery of Romanian verbs!

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