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Hello (From Here) von Wesley King

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 352 S
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Verlag: Penguin Random HouseDial Books
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9780593407653
Auflage / Bände: INT

"Much more than just a pandemic story, it's also a funny, poignant romcom about the unpredictability of love in chaotic times. The romantic leads are enjoyably complex, with authentic, relatable strengths and weaknesses, and their different backgrounds offer a window into how class impacts one s ability to cope. . . . Ultimately hopeful while acknowledging the unknowability of the future, it s an excellent option for romcom readers who want a realistic romantic romp for our times."BCCB<br><br>Loss, love, and unusual circumstances combine into an unputdownable story that YA readers will adore. Brightly<br><br>"A satisfyingly banter-filled rom-com told in alternating voices . . . Max and Jonah s struggles with romance, their families, and their individually complicated circumstances make for a timely story that offers a creative take on how hope and romance can persist in difficult times." Publisher's Weekly, starred review<br><br>"Hello (From Here)isn't just a book about the pandemic. [It's] a sweet love story between two teens [whose] relationship blossoms even as mental health issues, the toll of the pandemic, and social distancing threatens to keep them apart."  PopSugar<br><br>"Engaging . . . Unusually strong . . . Not your typical romantic comedy, Baker and King s collaborative novel offers a timely update of the genre." Booklist<br><br>A realistic teen romance that touches on important issues. SLJ<br><br>Sweet . . . Effectively rendered. Kirkus<br><br>Highlights [much more than] the uncertainty of living through the pandemic . . . Witty, entertaining . . . endearing and relatable. Common Sense Media<br><br>Alternately funny, romantic, and eerily familiar,Hello (From Here)is a story about how life goes on when the world stops around you. Kelly Loy Gilbert,award winning author ofPicture Us in the Light<br><br>Years from now, when asked what lifeduring COVID was like, I ll recommendHello (From Here), because of what a witty, hilarious, heart-filled, and romantic reminder it is that love and light can emerge from the most trying times. Jeff Zentner, Morris Award winning author ofThe Serpent King<br><br>Written with a light touch and deft humour, [the] entire book is in a category of its own. . . . COVID is just one of several issues the book s characters grapple with. . . . A wonderful, cohesive story of two unlikely characters coming together at a time when people are mostly staying apart. Postmedia<br>

chapter one


Conventional wisdom suggests that, when the world finally does begin to fall apart, love will be the only thing left that really matters. Petty grievances will fall away. You won t remember who called you Maxi Pad for the entirety of sixth grade (Logan Bennett) or how much money is in your bank account or the hours spent studying for that one calculus exam you almost failed. Instead, you will spend time with loved ones. Hold them close. Be present. Let them know that you care. And so, I guess, that s more or less how I came to be price-­comparing boxes of condoms for my seventy-­seven-­year-­old customer, Mrs. Phillips, at the start of a global pandemic.

This is what it s come down to. Me, standing in the Family Planning aisle of the grocery store debating the merits of flavored versus colored versus ribbed varieties­trust me, I am so not qualified for this ­and guarding my grocery cart like a lion over its kill. I first took an afterschool job as a personal grocery shopper eight months ago and never have I seen Vons like this. It s only been a couple hours since Governor Newsom announced a shelter-­in-­place order effective tonight, but already the checkout lines stretch past the soda aisle, and if you want hand sanitizer that badly, you might not want to get too attached to your kidneys.

The canned beans shelves­wiped. Frozen pizzas ­wiped. Cleaning products ­wiped, wiped, wiped. It s as if there s a hurricane, a wildfire, and a blizzard all hitting at once and the entire county has decided to doomsday prep.

I run through the lists of today s clients, circling the items I still need. Listen, I m not here to judge anyone s life choices, but, Mr. Culver, are three different types of soft cheeses and organic pomegranate seeds, like, really priorities right now? I make my best guess for Mrs. Phillips, which is all I can do, given the woman still doesn t know how to text, and make my way through the maze of shoppers who are demonstrating the whole spectrum of concern levels. I weave around a woman sporting those rubber yellow gloves meant for washing dishes and a dad in shorts and flip-­flops licking his thumb and wiping food from his toddler s mouth all in one aisle. When I can t get through a traffic jam in front of the garbage bags, I take the long way through cosmetics toward the back of the store.

Miss! someone calls out from somewhere between canned goods and chips, and I m 99 percent sure that he s not talking to me because I have a messy bun and a hole in the armpit of my favorite T-­shirt andMissis some country club shit. Uh, miss. Hello, I m talking to you. Excuse me. You can t do that. A boy taps me on the shoulder and when I turn around, I see that we are the exact same height, looking eye to light blue eye, a detail that I only notice because, first of all, I m not oblivious, and, second of all, he is all up in my business.

Excuse you, I say, but with attitude, and while trying not to notice the passersby staring me down like I m trying to shoplift an entire case of frozen pizzas. Socialdistancing. I shoo him back.

He hooks his palm around the back of his neck and stares down the Salty Snacks aisle. Oh, um, sorry, but you re not supposed to hoard . . . toilet paper.

I m not. I lean my elbow on the cart handle, mentally tap-­tap-­tapping as a frantic shelf-­stocker in a black apron and an Ask Me about Super Savings button rushes between us.

I know you re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I m sorry. I have this guy pegged. My age, floppy red-­brown hair, nice teeth, th

A heartfelt, witty, and thought-provoking YA love story about two teens who fall for each other while forced apart during quarantine, written by twoNew York Timesbestselling authors, and for fans ofFive Feet Apart,Anna and the French Kiss, andMy Life Next Door<br><br>Maxine and Jonah meet in the canned goods aisle just as California is going into lockdown. Max s part-time job as a personal grocery shopper is about to transform into a hellish gauntlet. Jonah s preexisting anxiety is about to become an epic daily struggle. As Max and Jonah get to know each other through FaceTime dates, socially distanced playground hangs, and the escalating heartbreaks of the pandemic, they re pushed apart by what they don t share and pulled closer by what they do.<br> <br>As thoughtful, probing, and informed as it is buoyant, romantic, and funny,Hello (From Here)cuts across differences in class, privilege, and mental health, all thrown into stark relief by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here s a novel that looks at the first two months of the quarantine, and adds falling in love to the mess.<br> <br>"Hello (From Here)isn't just a book about the pandemic."PopSugar<br>"It's also afunny, poignant romcom about the unpredictability of love in chaotic times. . . . Excellent."BCCB<br>* "Satisfyingly banter-filled." PW, starred review<br>Sweet . . . Effectively rendered.Kirkus<br>"Realistic."SLJ<br>"Not your typical romantic comedy, [it's] a timely update of the genre."Booklist<br>"Witty, entertaining . . . endearing and relatable.Common Sense Media<br>"An unputdownable story that YA readers will adore.Brightly <br><br>Funny, romantic, and eerily Kelly Loy Gilbert<br>Witty, hilarious, heart-filled, and Jeff Zentner<br>"In a category of its own. . . . Wonderful.Postmedia3USChandler Bakeris the author of five young adult novels, includingThis is Not the End. Her adult debut,Whisper Network, was aNew York Timesbestseller and Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick, and her follow-up,The Husbands, is slated for summer'21. Chandler lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two young children. She can usually be found listening to audiobooks at two times the normal speed, overspending at bookstores, or obsessing over true crime.<br><br>Wesley Kingis the #1New York Timesbestselling author of eleven novels, including the Wizenard series with Kobe Bryant, the Edgar Award-winning and Bank Street Best Book of the YearOCDaniel, and the Junior Library Guild selectionsThe VindicoandThe Feros. He lives in Nova Scotia, as well as on a 1967 boat that he's sailing around the world.

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