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Ruffhouse von Chris Schwartz
From the Streets of Philly to the Top of the'90s Hip-Hop Charts

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 240 S
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Verlag: Diversion Books
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9781635767308

"All respect to Chris Schwartz. He is a great visionary."- Nas<br><br>"Anyone who was paying attention in the'90s knows that Ruffhouse was one of the industry's'it'labels, and looking back on that time now, it's easy to see why. In this fascinating and revealing book, Chris Schwartz describes how he went from hustling grimy Schoolly D records on the streets of Philadelphia to the pinnacle of mainstream success with Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, and Kris Kross. It's an absolute must-read for anybody who cares about hip-hop."- Barry Weiss, partner&cofounder, Records, LLC and longtime music industry veteran<br><br>"I've gotten to know Chris Schwartz very well over the past 25 years both personally and professionally, but there are elements to the Ruffhouse story that even I didn't know until I read this book. That's a testament to Chris and his abilities as a storyteller, and a reflection of his single-minded focus. If you lovedThe ScoreorThe Carnival, you'll appreciateRuffhouse."- Wyclef Jean<br><br>"From'Jump'to'Insane in the Brain'to'Killing Me Softly,'Ruffhouse Records released some of the biggest hits of the 1990s and became, as a result of their meteoric rise, the talk of the industry. In this revealing and fascinating memoir, Chris Schwartz explains exactly how they did it, and then how it all came tumbling down. You could call it a cautionary tale, but that would be selling Chris's story short. Consider it instead a rare peek behind the curtain of a crazy business where stars and fortunes are instantly made and just as quickly unmade. I couldn't put it down."- Chris Blackwell, founder, Island Records<br><br>"In 1999, just six months after Ruffhouse artist Lauryn Hill snatched up all the Grammys, the label took a chance on me and put out myBlack Elvis/Lost in Spaceconcept album. Lauryn and I couldn't have been more different as artists, but that's one of the things that made the label great. They were able not only to produce a broad crossover smash likeThe Miseducation of Lauryn Hillbut also to step out on a limb and push the creative envelope with a record like mine. Chris Schwartz is a true visionary, and I am grateful to him and his partner, Joe Nicolo, for their belief and support. Labels like Ruffhouse are few and far between today, and in this book Chris describes in vivid detail all the things, both positive and negative, that made them unique. It's a fascinating snapshot of a label's rise and fall and all the crazy things that contributed to both. It's a wild ride."- Kool Keith<br><br>"[A] story of adversity and perseverance...Schwartz is strongest when describing the creative process and most fascinating when revealing the difficult decisions that go into each production and release. He is celebratory when success is attained and honest when an outcome is less than he'd hoped for...Schwartz had a lot to overcome, and it's a testament to his strength that he enjoyed the fruits of his vision and drive...Fans of these artists will love the insider information on the recording process and the trials and tribulations of getting this music out into the world."-Library Journal<br><br>"Recounts a pivotal era in Philly music history. Even more gripping: his personal tale of surviving a violent home life on the Main Line to become a top Philly producer."-Philadelphia Magazine<br><br>"As Ruffhouse grew, it discovered artists that changed the face of rap music-such as Cypress Hill, the Fugees, Lauryn Hill, and Kriss Kross...Schwartz concludes that his remarkable success in the record business grew out of his being willing to step into the unknown. Schwartz's insider's tale will appeal."-Publishers Weekly<br><br>"Schwartz recounts his perilous yet prosperous journey through the music industry in a tantalizing new tome...The founder of one of the most seminal Hip Hop labels of the 90's ushers readers into a time portal&transports us to defining moments of his fascinating life and career...Without question the season's best read!"-Insomniac Magazine<br><br>"A revealing and fascinating memoir...If you want a real inside look at the music business, this story is filled with the good times and disasters."-WMGK Radio<br><br>"Detail[s] not only the good and bad times of rap and rock, but what it meant to be digging in the trenches, mired in the struggle to make hit records."-Philadelphia Weekly<br><br>"The book is a work of truly stunning revelation. Not just because it details the inner sanctum of a world (the recording industry) whose hidden machinations have changed little between the old days and the present...But, how tortured minds could triumph over adversity to find themselves and their lives calling...Schwartz is a quickly paced and colorful writer who knows how to keep the action coming and the anecdotes tightly packed and crisply compacted for maximum drama."-Dosage Magazine<br><br>"For serious fans of 1990s hip-hop music and for those interested in the lives of music-industry veterans,Ruffhouseis a quick read with enough record-biz insight to justify its publication."-PopMatters<br><br>"The book chronicles Ruffhouse's rise in the pre-Napster era when the music industry was making money hand over fist...Ruffhousetells tales of those mega-selling acts, and many compelling characters...ButRuffhousealso has a different, intensely personal story to tell."-Philadelphia Inquirer<br><br>"Impressively candid and exceptionally informative."-Midwest Book Review<br><br>"A collection of entertaining streetwise stories from the'90s-back when the music industry sold physical product, indie labels were on the rise and a smart young guy with an ear for new music and a head for business could charge onto the Billboard charts."-Milwaukee Shepherd Express<br><br>"It was a small outfit that made a big impact, andRuffhousetells the story of that record label that organically grew from production and artist management to one of the most successful independent hip-hop houses of the 1990s...A memoir of the rise of Ruffhouse and the changing economics and environment of the music business over that time...The book's biggest strength aside from its raw honesty is the amount of information and education Schwartz gives in terms of the way the music industry operates and how the large labels conduct their businesses."-The Passion of Christopher Pierznik blog<br><br>"Schwartz's memoir,Ruffhouse, is full of funny, wild and insightful anecdotes detailing his years building one of the world's biggest rap labels."-OkayPlayer<br><br>"Ruffhousereveals an insider's perspective of record companies, recording, touring, and the heights of hip-hop's 1990s heyday.Ruffhouseis a great read. It offers an examination of hip-hop culture as it transformed into a worldwide commercial monolith."-Dirty Glove Bastard<br><br>The remarkable rags-to-riches story of Ruffhouse Records founder Chris Schwartz, who battled poverty, abuse, and addiction to start one of the most pivotal labels in hip-hop history and launch the careers of Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, NAS, Cypress Hill, DMX, Jermaine Dupri, Kriss Kross, Schoolly D and many more."All respect to Chris Schwartz. He is a great visionary."-Nas<br><br>"Fans of these artists will love the insider information."-Library Journal<br><br>Before he started one of the most pivotal labels in hip-hop history, Chris Schwartz was a musician struggling to catch a break in 1980s Philadelphia.Ruffhousedivulges how he navigated the crime-infested, morally bankrupt music industry to found and build one of the world's most successful hip-hop labels and debuted some of its biggest stars. Ruffhouse Records launched the careers of Nas, The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, Cypress Hill, Kris Koss, and others, dominating the charts and generating global revenues of over one billion dollars.<br><br>A saga of money, greed, envy, betrayal, violence, addiction, loss, and redemption, not to mention a whole lot of music,Ruffhousereveals the inside story of the record companies, recording studios, tour buses, private jets, mansions, radio stations, and concert halls at the height of hip-hop's 1990s heyday while also uncovering the industry's darker side, from police stations to rehab clinics, courtrooms to prisons. Narrated in Schwartz's own candid, searing prose,Ruffhouseis a gripping portrayal of hip-hop culture at its tipping point, as it transitioned from urban curiosity to a global commercial platform.<br><br>"Schwartz's insider tale will appeal."-Publishers Weekly2USSchwartz, ChrisChris Schwartzis the founder and CEO of Ruffhouse Records. At its height, Ruffhouse's roster included The Fugees, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Cypress Hill, Kriss Kross, and Kool Keith, among others. Ruffhouse Records sold more than 120 million records worldwide, generating over a billion dollars in sales and a multitude of Grammy Awards. Chris has been the recipient of many awards celebrating his success, including 250 gold and platinum records and a plaque on the Philadelphia Music Alliance's Walk of Fame. He lives with his wife and daughter in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.