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They Were Divided (Writing on the Wall, Band 2)

They Were Divided (Writing on the Wall, Band 2) von Miklos Bánffy

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Kategorie: Bücher
Seiten / Format: 250 Seiten; 1940003968,0 x 1260002560,0 x 300000608,0 cm, Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsjahr: 08.09.2016
Verlag: Arcadia Books
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 9781910050927
Auflage / Bände: Auflage: 3 Revised edition

In the foreground the lives of Balint, with his ultimately unhappy love for Adrienne, and his fatally flawed cousin, Laszlo Gyeroffy, who dies in poverty and neglect, are told with humour and a bitter-sweet nostalgia for a paradise lost through folly. The sinister and fast moving events in Montenegro, the Balkan wars, the apparent encirclement of Germany and Austria-Hungary by Britain, France and Russia, and finally the assassination of Franz Ferdinand all lead inexorably to the youth of Hungary marching off to their death and the dismemberment of their country.