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Orchids of Romania

Orchids of Romania din Nora De Angelli, Dan Anghelescu

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Categorie: Bücher
Pagini / Format: 300 S.; gebundene Ausgabe
Anul apariţiei: 2020
Editura: Selbstverlag
Limba: Englisch
ISBN: 745760929863

Orchids of Romania is a comprehensive monograph, in which art photography and science are harmoniously blended, covering 71 confirmed species, together with their subspecies, varieties, forms & hybrids. Apart from those, the authors currently have under study seven newly discovered species and five subspecies, waiting to be confirmed in the near future. Confirmed or still under study, all these taxons are beautifully illustrated in this photographic album.

This book contains:
- Comprehensive and detailed descriptions for each taxon included;
- Authors have also drawn attention to the amazing adaptations and specializations achieved by the orchid flowers - these masters of deceit and mimicry - in order to successfully attract pollinators and accomplish their reproduction;
- 900 of unique, stunning photographs, showing in great detail full plants, inflorescence and individual flowers.