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Das große Zahlenspiel

Das große Zahlenspiel

Price per copy:
Lei 75 / € 25,00
incl. VAT: 20% (Lei) / 19% (EUR)
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Category: Bücher
Pages / Format: Spiel; Spiel
Edit year: 2020
Publishing House: Eli
Language: Deutsch
ISBN: 9788853628046

A fun and useful bingo-style game based on observing and matching the cards and boards with the numbers. It enables students to memorize and practise cardinal and ordinal numbers in an enjoyable

and engaging way. (CEFR A1-B1) The box contains:

- 133 cards with cardinal numbers from 1 to 100

- 20 cards with numbers between 0 to 100,000

- 12 cards with ordinal numbers from 1st to 12th

- 36 boards to play different versions of bingo

The instructions booklet provides suggestions for a wide range of games and activities to do in class or at home with friends.